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Josh Groban


Solo por ti, caminaria
en la infinida
afrontaria contigo la eternida
solo por ti

Te dare mil poesias
las escribire para ti
cantare mis melodias
con la musica de tu alma

Solo por ti, caminaria
en la infinida
afrontaria amar por la eterinida
yo solo, solo por ti


Where has that old friend gone
lost in a february song.
Tell him it won't be long
'til he opens his eyes ...
opens his eyes.

Frankfurt Concert Amazing

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Heres looking at you kid


"If there is something you want to say to Josh - do it BEFORE looking into his espresso eyes, because after you do that you are immediately stupid and blank .... I swear his eyes suck all the thoughts out of your brain." NYConnie

AWAKE Noviembre Siete

A beautiful and blinding morning
the world outside begins to breathe.
See clouds arriving without warning

I need you here to shelter me.

And I know that only time will tell us how
to carry on without each other.

So keep me awake for every moment
give us more time to be this way.
We can't stay like this forever
but I can have you next to me today.


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